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このサイトは福岡 博多 デリヘル『ぱいめろ』のオフィシャルサイトです。18歳未満の方のご閲覧は固くお断りしております。ご理解の上ご入場下さい。        

今ドキ ナースで稼ぐならバニラ求人

今ドキ ナース店舗詳細風俗じゃぱん



The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that we consistently deliver the high level of customer service that our customers expect and deserve. Please make sure to read through and follow the following guidelines.

  • Please immediately stop the play when the condom has been damaged.
  • Taking off your condom during the play is prohibited.
  • You are prohibited to meet the girls outside the customs.
  • You are prohibited to trade the contact details including the SNS accounts.
  • Any violent action and words that hurts our girls are prohibited.
  • Age under 18 years old cannot take our sevice.
  • Requesting or forcing the sexual intercourse are not allowed legally.
  • You cannot disregard the request of the shower and gargle.
  • The adult toys which you own are not usable on our sevices.
  • You cannot take pictures of girls anytime.
  • Asking for the date outside the custom and trading the private information such as phone number and e-mail address is prohibited.
  • Any illegal drug users or the suspect of overdose cannot take our sevices.
  • A person who has or a suspect of having sexually transmitted disease is prohibited.
  • After the sevice time is over, you cannot hinder the girls leaving out from the room.
  ■Disclaimer We do not gurantee the adequacy or accuracy of the posted information and do not own any responsibility. We do not gurantee any direct or indirect damage happened on the user’s trouble about the posted information.

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※Before taking our service, please tell the front that you have seen this page.